Honey cider

A fermented low-alcohol beverage made from apple juice and honey.

Favorite low-alcohol beverage

If you’re not in the mood for beer or mead, we recommend trying honey cider. It’s a popular low-alcohol beverage. In countries like France, Spain, and England, cider is among the most beloved drinks.

It started spontaneously

Our honey cider also has its own story. The idea of making cider struck us directly at the apple orchard- in our apiary among the beehives beneath the old apple trees.

Crafted with love

Our honey ciders are crafted with love at our meadery, nestled on the sunny slopes of the Little Carpathians, directly beneath Smolenice Castle, using selected quality ingredients.

Produced in small batches

Similar to our other products, we craft our ciders in small quantities to ensure they receive the proper care and attention.

Medový sajder s chmelem


“DIVÁ VČELA” (“WILD BEE”) honey cider is a fermented low-alcohol beverage made from apple juice, honey, and cold-added hops. We’ve enriched the pleasant fresh acidity of apple juice with the caress of honey. The cold-added aromatic hop varieties bring a floral-citrus dimension to this unique refreshment.


“ZAKÁZANÉ OVOCIE” (“FORBIDDEN FRUIT”) honey cider is a fermented low-alcohol beverage made from apple juice, further enriched with honey, aromatic hops, sour cherry and black currant juice. The harmony of fruits brings an extraordinary freshness that blends with the touch of sweetness from honey. The aromatic hop varieties add an unforgettable finish to this fruity temptation.

Medový sajder s chmelem

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