HONEYCRAFT is a collection of premium products made with the same love and care as the original Včelovina mead.


All our meads are made by fermenting quality Slovak honey according to traditional recipes.

Unique tastes experiences

Honeycraft meads are crafted in a traditional manner using one type of honey. (Our Včelovina uses three kinds of honey). They are slightly less sweet (typically below 80g/l) compared to Včelovina mead (approximately 120g/l). Combined with herbs, spices, or fruits you can enjoy many unique authentic flavors of mead world.

Medovina Original

Honeycraft Original Mead

Honeycraft Original Mead is crafted according to a traditional recipe from high-quality Slovak honey, with the addition of herbs and spices. It is perfect for special moments, gatherings with loved ones and friends. It pairs well with desserts, fruits, or spicy dishes.

Honeycraft Classic Mead

Abroad, our Classic Mead is often referred to as natural mead. It is crafted according to a traditional recipe, through the fermentation of high-quality flower honey. The pleasant, delightful taste with enticing honey tones is achieved through a unique technological process. Honeycraft Classic Mead is excellent as an aperitif or dessert.

Medovina Klasická
Medovina Rybízová

Honeycraft Currant Mead

Honeycraft Currant Mead is crafted according to a recipe using the finest Slovak honey, with the addition of black currant juice. It is suitable as an aperitif or dessert and can also be used in mixed drinks.

For connoisseurs, we also offer limited editions or fruit meads

Limited editions of fruit meads, also known as “melomels,” are a novelty in the Slovak market. These are meads with a higher fruit content. Abroad, they are one of the most popular types of mead.


Created by fermenting freshly pressed grape juice with honey.


Baskets full of fragrant raspberries with a touch of ripe currants combined with honey.


Dark blueberries harmoniously balanced with the sweet caress of floral honey.


Slovak honey, juicy tart cherries with a handful of raspberries, and local spring water.

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