Our philosophy

Our mead is not produced in large quantities in an impersonal factory. The base of the company consists of three beekeepers, dedicated to their craft, and several of our loyal colleagues.

Dozens of years of beekeeping

Our main mission is to produce only top-quality products, connected to nature, bringing joy.

Sustainability is not just a modern phrase

Sustainable development is not only the right thing but is also crucially important for us – beekeepers. That’s why we try to behave responsibly towards the environment that we inherited from our ancestors.

Carbon footprint

Since the beginning, for the past 10 years, we have been using heat pump for heating and cooling of our building. To ensure thermal comfort in the most eco-friendly way, we chose a technology from the beginning that allows us to produce the least amount of CO2 emissions. Long before it was modern and widely recognized.

Rainwater retention

Paved surfaces such as walkways or the terrace were made from locally sourced gravel. It is more demanding in terms of maintenance, but unlike concrete, it has excellent water permeability. This helps us retain rainwater in our soil. Thanks to this, we don’t just let it flow into the sea 🙂

Solar energy

Recently, we installed solar panels that will help us operate even more sustainably. This year, we plan to generate an even larger amount of solar energy compared to the previous one, and we believe that we will increase the production of the energy we generate each year.

The building of our store is a converted former parish barn that stood here for more than 200 years

We restored the devastated, dilapidated parish barn, or rebuilt. We preserved what could be preserved. The shape of the building, the style of the truss, the floor plan or the supporting pillars even with picturesque imperfections. Each supporting pillar was different, but it gave the barn its soul, so we preserved these imperfections, although we sweated a lot more during the construction.

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