Work of bees

Bees don’t just give us honey or wax, but something much more important – they pollinate the plants we eat.

Genuine bees’ work

30% of the world’s food is thanks to bees that pollinate gardens and fields. Bees are hardworking, intelligent, and above all, helpful for nature and humanity. Get to know them better.

Half a kilogram of honey: 2 million flowers

To produce half a kilogram of honey, bees fly up to
90 000 kilometers and visit 2 million flowers.

Teaspoon of honey: A lifetime’s work of twelve bees

When you sweeten your tea or coffee with a teaspoon of honey, thank 12 bees. Approximately, that’s how much honey twelve worker bees produce throughout their entire lives.

Bees communicate and think

Bees are intelligent and have their own language, which is quite remarkable. They are able to let each other know where the pasture is and how plentiful it is.

Bees can count up to 4 and recognize faces

Bees can indeed count up to four and recognize faces. Moreover, they can categorize visual stimuli and formulate abstract rules.

We have been dedicated to beekeeping for several decades

We started beekeeping at a young age in elementary school. Today, we take care of approximately 100 beehives, distributed in apple orchards, expansive meadows, and groves nearby.