Bee Garden – tribute to the nature’s perfection

The Bee Garden is a place where you can lose yourself in quiet thoughts and forget about everyday troubles. It’s a space for relaxation in the middle of millions of flowers, plants, and herbs. Take a walk through its hidden corners or just enjoy the charm of nature.

Beekeeping – through our eyes

Our goal was to create a space where we could share the world of bees from our perspective. Just as we see it, with respect for history, reverence for the perfection of nature, and a commitment of building upon the legacy of our ancestors for future generations. Discover the life story of our products. From the flowers in the meadow, through the devoted work of the bees, the patient care of the beekeeper, all the way to the glass of honey on the table.

The invisible world of pollinators

We strive to create top products connected to nature, bringing joy. The environment in which we live is an integral part of that. Through an experiential approach, we aim to highlight the importance of tiny pollinators in our world. With objects crafted by local artists and craftsmen, we seek to inspire reflection on the gifts of nature, often taken for granted. Peer into a world where thousands of plants, in the harmony of mutual relationships, create a pollinator-friendly environment for their invisible lives. After all, every third bite on our table is thanks to them.


Sustainability isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s crucial to us as beekeepers. That’s why we try to behave responsibly towards the environment that we inherited from our ancestors. We will be happy if we help to inspire like-minded people to embark on this journey with us.

Enthusiasm springs in the heart

We build and maintain the garden solely through the enthusiasm and support from you, our customers. By making purchases with us, you’re helping fund its operation. To further its development, we’ve established a nonprofit organization that will take care of the ongoing growth and operation of the Bee Garden.
(C.A. Bee Garden)

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