How to serve mead to highlight its flavor?

Good mead does not need spices or any flavor enhancers. Drink it calmly as it is, chilled to 12°C (54°F) or warmed up to 55°C (131°F).

Serve chilled mead at 12-16°C

Mead reveals its best tones at the right temperature. If you are serving mead cold, it will taste best at 12-16°C.

How to achieve this temperature?

Simply store the mead in the refrigerator, and before serving, let it sit in the glass for a minute or two at room temperature.

In such a short time, it won’t reach room temperature, and it won’t be too cold either.

Serve warm mead at around 50°C

In cold weather, hot mead is a good choice. The ideal temperature for serving hot mead is between 50-55°C.

You can easily warm it up in the microwave without affecting its taste. If you have a standard microwave with 800-900W power, at a storage temperature of 18-20°C, 1dl of mead will heat up in 30 seconds.

Under no circumstances should you heat mead to more than 60°C. It will foam, and its flavor properties will rapidly decline.

Only warm up the amount you currently need

It’s not good to have mead warmed up in advance. Heat mead only when you are about to consume it. You’ll reward your taste buds.

If mead were heated in large quantities, for example, in a pot, and you don’t serve it immediately, it quickly loses its quality in taste.

Serve chilled mead in a stemmed glass, and hot mead in whiskey glass.

Whether hot or cold, try to serve mead in a crystal clear glass.

For serving chilled mead, tulip-shaped stemmed glasses work best. If you have a choice, opt for white wine glasses or port glasses.

For serving hot mead, use glasses without stems. Whiskey glasses work very well, but mead also tastes good in glass mugs with handles.

Serve half a deciliter to a deciliter of mead

Depending on the size of the glass, serve 0,5dl to 1dl of mead. Choose a glass so that the mead fills one-third to half of the glass volume.

Hot mead can be poured and topped up in the glass.

serv mead in Irish way.

Mead was a drink fit for kings not only in our regions. It was also valued elsewhere in the world, including the royal courts of Ireland. In Ireland, they still drink mead the way they did in medieval times – from clay cups.

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