A good mead does not have a simple taste

Just like wine, mead is a symphony of flavors and aromas. How to taste it?

1. Look at the sparkle of Včelovina

First, we evaluate mead visually. When swirled gently, it leaves ‘legs’ on the sides of the glass. It is crystal clear.

2. The aroma should be without sharp tones

Gently swirl the glass to allow the mead to aerate a bit, and inhale the escaping aroma. The aroma should be pleasant, and delicate, without sharp tones.

If the mead is well-balanced, you should perceive a gentle honey scent, fruity notes, and a subtle hint of spice aroma.

A one-sided aroma is not desirable

In mead, it’s possible to find scents and components that were not used in its production at all. These pleasant scents and nuances develop during the fermentation and aging of mead. Therefore, a true and good mead has a gentle and rich aroma and taste with various diverse nuances. Different components may stand out at various temperatures.

3. Taste the first sip

We taste the mead. Slowly, we take the first sip. In our minds, we try to isolate and name the individual flavors that come to mind.

Let’s try to name the initial sensation – is it a honeycomb, herbs, or a fruity note?

4. The taste of good mead should change and evolve

We roll the mead around in our mouths, allowing it to touch all parts of the tongue and taste buds, and then we swallow. This part of the sensation is called the body.

With subsequent sips, over time, the flavors and sensations change and develop slightly.

The taste you experience after swallowing and exhaling is called the ‘finish.’ Notice that with each additional sip, the flavors and sensations change and evolve.


Wine, if left open, can spoil within a few days. In contrast, an unfinished bottle of mead can be stored for a much longer time. After sealing with a cork, mead can last in the refrigerator for several weeks without spoiling.

After more than four weeks, some meads may develop a more pronounced oxidative character, altering their taste. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a change for the worse – mead doesn’t spoil even after a long period.

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